Committees & Projects

To promote the DAR core mission areas of patriotism, education, and historic preservation, Manor House Chapter NSDAR participates in a variety of NSDAR committees & projects.

Committee chairs help the chapter have a positive impact on our local community by facilitating our participation in relevant events and activities. Listed below are the NSDAR and chapter committees and projects in which Manor House members are currently engaged. Please contact us for additional information.

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American Heritage

The American History Committee honors historical people, places, dates, and events, sponsors the Am

American History

The American History Committee honors historical people, places, dates, and events, sponsors the American History and Christopher Columbus Essay Contests, and recognizes the contributions of women in American history.

American Indians

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The Americanism Committee encourages DAR members to become involved in their location naturalization process and assist new immigrants with citizenship.

Chapter Achievement Awards & DCDAR Chapter Honors

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Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.)

The goal of the National Society Children of the American Revolution is to train young people in citizenship, leadership, and love for America and its heritage. DAR members provide leadership, guidance and support for C.A.R. members.

Commemorative Events

The Commemorative Events Committee encourages celebration and observation of commemorative events each year which are highlighted by the National Society.

Community Classroom

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Community Service Awards

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The Conservation Committee highlights efforts to protect and conserve America’s natural resources.

Constitution Week

September 17-23 is Constitution Week. In 1955–56, NSDAR was instrumental in the creation of Constitution Week as a national week of recognition and education about the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution Week Committee promotes educating the community about historical events surrounding the creation/ratification of the Constitution.

DAR Genealogy Preservation

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DAR Good Citizens

The DAR Good Citizens program is both an award made by a chapter to a local high school senior and a scholarship contest that the awardee may participate in after the award has been given.

DAR Leadership Training

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DAR Magazine

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DAR Museum Outreach

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DAR Project Patriot

The DAR Project Patriot Committee supports America’s service members and their families through fundraising and activities, including: sending care packages and letters to service members overseas, and/or supporting local Reserve/National Guard units and their families

DAR Scholarship

The DAR Scholarship Committee works to connect local District of Columbia students to scholarship opportunities through the National Society.

DAR School

The DAR School Committee promotes awareness of DAR-supported schools and facilitates collection of Box Tops for Education, among other efforts to benefit DAR schools.

DAR Service for Veterans

The DAR Service for Veterans Committee provides a tangible way for DAR members to say “thank you” by acknowledging and recognizing veterans for their service, sacrifice, and commitment to the preservation of our nation’s freedom. Of special importance is the recognition of and appreciation for women veterans service.

Flag of the United States of America

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Genealogical Records

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Historic Preservation

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Junior American Citizens

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Junior Membership

The Junior Membership Committee plans and promotes participation in Junior activities (for those women aged 35 and younger) throughout Manor House Chapter NSDAR, DCDAR, and NSDAR.

Lineage Research

The Lineage Research Committee assists the chapter registrar with research for and preparation of application paperwork for prospective members.

Literacy Promotion

The Literacy Promotion Committee facilitates events and activities that support literacy efforts in our local community. In the past, the chapter has hosted representatives from Free Minds at our meetings, hosted a chapter Write Night, sponsored the YWCA’s adult education/literacy program for a DAR grant, and donated books to local schools.

Manor House Bylaws

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Manor House Community Scholarship

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Manor House DCDAR Chapter House

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Manor House Finance

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Manor House Hospitality

The Hospitality Committee organizes and coordinates refreshments for chapter meetings and events.

Manor House Investments

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Manor House Programs

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Manor House Sunshine

The Sunshine Committee sends greetings, birthday wishes and/or condolences from the chapter to its members and their families, as needed, working with the chapter chaplain on these efforts to maintain connections with chapter members.

Membership – Member Engagement

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Membership – New Members & Prospectives

The Membership Committee helps to welcome new and prospective members into the Manor House Chapter community and help them learn about the National Society and DCDAR.

National Defense

The National Defense Committee help members carry out the objectives of the DAR to promote the advocacy of strong military defense to protect our freedom. The DAR ROTC and JROTC medals are a program available through the DAR National Defense Committee. The ROTC medal may be awarded to a graduating ROTC cadet who is being commissioned in the U.S. Armed Forces. The JROTC medal may be presented to a junior or senior JROTC participant at a local high school.


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Patriot Records Project

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President General’s Project

The President General’s Project Committee supports the special project of the NSDAR President General, Ann Turner Dillon, “Moving Forward in Service to America!,” including facilitating chapter participation and contributions.


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Public Relations & Media – Social Media

The Public Relations & Media chair posts social media updates, takes photos at chapter events, and collects chapter photos from other members.

Public Relations & Media – Special Projects

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Service to America

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Units Overseas

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Volunteer Genealogists

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Volunteer Information Specialists (VIS)

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Women’s Issues

The primary purpose of the Women’s Issues Committee is to heighten awareness of the complexity of health, career, and family issues facing today’s women.